Skill Sets

Skill Sets

What is a skill set?

A skill set is the knowledge, experience, and your ability that enables you to perform a job. This generally includes a combination of those personal attributes that you’ve developed through your life and work. In a workplace, you use arrange of skills, some being job-specific to enable you to carry out your job, and other ‘soft’ skills that relate to your ‘people’ skills such as communication, critical thinking and conflict resolution and others. You might use soft skills you’ve developed through your work experience, school, and volunteer roles. They might include problem-solving or resolving a conflict with a customer.

In the workplace, you typically use a range of skills on a given day. Some of these skills are job-specific and are learned through training, or sometimes learned on the job with an experienced mentor.

You might also use ‘hard’ skills that aren’t job specific. For example, you might use your written communication skills to write a key document or to follow-up on an important project. You might use your verbal communication skills to present a project idea to the management team.


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