Skill Sets

Specially tailored Australian Academy Skill Sets Training can help fill skills gaps in your business

Skill Sets are defined as single units of competency or combinations of units of competency from a nationally endorsed Training Package, which link to a licence or regulatory requirement, or a defined industry need. Units of competency that form a Skill Sets can be drawn from one or more Training Packages to suit the individual needs of your business.

Training Package Skill Sets are a new way of formally recognising these small chunks of skills. Skill Sets training is delivered in the form of Short Courses that have been created to meet the individual needs of your business. They are not designed to replace qualifications. They provide an alternative to qualifications that in many cases may help a worker to create a pathway to a nationally recognised qualification, providing a positive impact for workers and also for your business.

Skill Sets training can:

  • Fill an identified skills gap in your business, thus improving productivity, customer service or operational efficiency
  • Assist by recognising workers skill acquisition through training where no prior qualification has been attained
  • Add validity and national portability to training programs
  • May form the foundation for further training and a qualification with a defined exit point
  • Address a specific workforce skills need now and into the future

Additionally, Australian Academy can develop imaginative, specially tailored training and assessment programs to meet your specific business needs.


Skill Set Training